Treatment Costs
Treatmentsénergie fitness Club MembersNon Members
All Treatments€55€60
Book Online Discount -€55
Bundle Offer (3 Treatments)€155€170
House Call€75€85

Insurance Refunds
  • Cost of treatments can be as little as €20 depending on your health insurance cover. Major private health insurers such as VHI, Aviva's Health &Laya Healthcare, contribute towards the cost of Physical Therapy Treatments. We advise you to check your policy for specific details, reimbursement rates, and terms and conditions.

  • Physical Therapists at Physical Therapy Ireland are members of The Irish Association of Physical Therapists. Consequently treatments are usually covered by VHI, Laya, Aviva and all other major private health insurance providers. Coverage however, may vary depending on your plan and your insurance company, therefore, please check your policy to see how much you will be reimburse prior to visiting us.
Tax Relief - save even more
As an example, if your treatment cost is €60 (full fee) and your health insurance policy reimburses you €35, then you may be able to claim a tax relief on the outstanding €25. Tax relief is available on physical therapy costs (on referral from your gp or other qualifying practitioner) and depending on your level of taxation, you may receive a rebate of up to 42%. Tax relief may be claimed by filling in the MED 1 form available from
Payment Terms
  • All fees are to be paid on day of treatment, including patients with private medical health insurance.
  • A receipt will be issued to allow you to re-claim this from your insurance provider.
  • Payments can be made using all major credit and debit cards.
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