What They Say About Us
  • Jim Durie
    MBA, Managing Director, energie fitness clubs (Ireland and Scotland)
    "Peter is the first man I want to see when I’m injured! Physical Therapy is about managing expectations and Peter knows how to balance my physical ambitions and capabilities. Peter was lead Physical Therapist for the 2015 Dublin Masters Basketball Tournament and was the 'Most Valuable Player’ for all of the teams!As a retired Physio, I look for 'trust before treatment' and I trust Peter because he understands the application of physiotherapy. Whether you are sports oriented or just want a better quality of life through improved movement and function, Peter can develop a treatment strategy suited to your individual needs"
  • Scott Fyfe
    M&S Menswear Director, Marks & Spenser
    "Peter joined and supported a team of 16 M&S employees on the gruelling challenge of completing the 5 Peaks in UK and Eire and cycling the 986 miles between each peak. Peter was a key member of the support team- he was not only the key Physical Therapist for each of the team, his outgoing personality and drive was demonstrated as he conducted a team warmup every morning at 5am and climbed the mountains with the team. Peter’s interpersonal and professional skills kept the team fit and healthy during the 158 hour challenge and worked every hour to keep each team member in good physical fitness. Without Peter in the support crew, the 16 M&S team members would not have completed the challenge and more importantly raised £170,000 for Prostate Cancer UK and the Marie Keating Foundation. Thank you and well done Peter!"
  • Sean Wynne
    Former Super League player and Irish International
    "Just a quick email to say how impressed I was with the physical therapists who were in attendance at the Dublin Masters Tournament this year. From a personal point of view I can say the only reason I was able to play the whole tournament was because of the treatment I received from the Physical Therapy Ireland team. I have attended Masters Tournaments in the UK and Italy for many years and these Therapists were the best I have been treated by. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to the guys"
  • Linda Keathing
    Director of Fundraising of the Marie Keathing Foundation
    "Peter Duffy came on board with the Marie Keathing Foundation to support 16 Peaky Bikers from Saturday June 6th to 13th. The team climbed the five peaks of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England and cycled between each one. Peter travelled with the team and provided them with physical Therapy the whole way and I can tell you this was not an easy job as it could have been in a field in Scotland or at the side of the road or even in a hostel. Peter could have been working on somebody at 4am or 12 noon, when they say “Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere” that was exactly what it was. Nothing was a problem for Peter, he even climbed the mountains with the team. I have to say Peter was so professional and came to know who was suffering what injuries and treated them accordingly and monitored each person. Peter has become a great friend of the Marie Keathing Foundation and even after all that he has offered help for other of our event"
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